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StreamCoders Namespace
Public classATransformProcessor
Abstract based class for all classes implementing codec operations.
Public classAudioMediaBuffer
MediaBuffer containg audio specific information
Public classAudioTrackDescriptor
Contains audio information of a track in a container.
Public classDecoderSpecificData
Holds information used to initialize decoders
Public classH264DecoderSpecificData
Specialization of DecoderSpecificData for H.264. It handles SPS/PPS and AVCDecoderConfigurationRecord.
Public classInjectableStream
A stream that allows to be written to without growing infinitely. The stream maintains a queue of constant size chunk that are immediately disposed as soon as a client reads from the stream.
Public classInterval
Represents an inclusive closed interval. Provides functions for comparison to other intervals.
Public classITrackDescriptor
Used to describe different media types (audio, video, text) when working with containers.
Public classLockableOffsetBufferProviderT
Represents a buffer manager maintaining a locked and unlocked list of MediaBuffer objects. The goal is to re-use MediaBuffer objects and therefore minimizing managed heap utilization. Using LockableRingBuffer should make the user aware, that buffers will need to be unlocked manually to discard them.
Public classLockableOperationClient
Implements locking operations used via ILockableOperationProvider. OffsetBuffer is derived from this class in order to support locking operations against LockableOffsetBufferProvider.
Public classLockableOperationProvider
Maintains list of locked and unlocked ILockableOperationClient instances.
Public classMaximumInputLengthExceededException
Is thrown when the maximum expected input length is surpassed.
Public classMediaBufferT
MediaBuffer class holds buffering information for various media types.
Public classMediaBufferCollectionT
A thread-safe collection that holds many MediaBuffer instances.
Public classMediaSuite
Contains version information of MediaSuite
Public classModuleInitializer
For internal use
Public classOffsetBufferT

Generic buffer array which takes offsets into account. The buffer can be locked and pinned.

Public classPictureMediaBuffer
Represents a MediaBuffer that holds a raw picture frame and data about resolution and format.
Public classPictureTransformConfiguration
Is used to configuration classes that derive from PictureTransformProcessor or VideoTransformProcessor.
Public classPresentationBuffer
The PresentationBuffer helps re-ordering pictures based on their presentation time. This is necessary when DTS are not equal to PTS.
Public classStreamcodersVersionInformation
For internal use
Public classTimeInterval
Represents an interval of time (inclusive). Having a Start and End time.
Public classTrackInfo
Contains information about a track in a container.
Public classVideoStabilization
Provides stabilization of video from shaky cameras.
Public classVideoTrackDescriptor
Contains video information of a track in a container.
Public interfaceIDecoderSpecificData
Interface for decoder specific data.
Public interfaceILockableBufferProviderT
Interface for lockable buffer provider.
Public interfaceILockableOperationClient
Interface for lockable operation client.
Public interfaceILockableOperationProvider
Interface for lockable operation provider.
Public interfaceIMediaBufferT
Generic interface to MediaBuffer.
Public interfaceIOffsetBuffer
Interface for OffsetBuffer.
Public interfaceIOffsetBufferT
Generic interface for OffsetBuffer
Public interfaceIReader
Interface for container readers.
Public interfaceITransform
Interface for all transforms.
Public interfaceIWriter
Interface for streamWriter. This interface is used by all containers that write to a stream.
Public delegateTransformDelegate
A delegate used for custom transformations.
Public enumerationCodec
An enumeration of codes available to some of the containers formats.
Public enumerationCodecOperationStatus
Contains status information of common functions in encoders and decoders.
Public enumerationDecoderSpecificDataOutputType
Represents the type the type of structure that is returned by DecoderSpecificData.
Public enumerationH264DecoderSpecificDataInputType
Specifies type of format used to pass an H.264 decoder specific data input.
Public enumerationMediaContentType
Indicates the general category of a track. E.g. Video, Audio or Text.
Public enumerationPackageType
Indicates the type of content contained within a buffer.
Public enumerationPictureFormat
Enumeration of supported picture formats.
Public enumerationSpeechStreamType
Type of format the speech stream has.
Public enumerationTrackStatus
Indicates the status of a track within a container.
Public enumerationVideoFrameType
Video frame types.