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OffsetBufferT Class

Generic buffer array which takes offsets into account. The buffer can be locked and pinned.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: StreamCoders
Assembly: MediaBase (in MediaBase.dll) Version: (
public class OffsetBuffer<T> : LockableOperationClient, 
	IOffsetBuffer<T>, IOffsetBuffer
where T : struct, new()

Type Parameters


The OffsetBufferT type exposes the following members.

Public propertyArray
An array of type T containing elements.
Public propertyCount
Number of elements T available, taking Offset into account.
Public propertyId (Inherited from LockableOperationClient.)
Public propertyIsLocked
Gets a value indicating whether this LockableOperationClient is locked.
(Inherited from LockableOperationClient.)
Public propertyItem
Indexer to access Array with respect to Offset.
Public propertyOffset
Zero based offset into Buffer.
Public methodAppendToFile
Public methodCopyFrom
Copies elements into local buffer.
Public methodDeepCopy
Creates a deep copy of the current object.
Public methodExtractArray
Extracts the underlying buffer into a new array.
Public methodExtractArray(Int32, Int32)
Extracts array from Buffer by creating a copy.
Public methodGetArrayLength
Public methodLock
Locks this object instance against the ILockableOperationProvider.
(Inherited from LockableOperationClient.)
Public methodPin

Pins the managed handle of Array with respect to Offset.

Public methodPop
Public methodPush
Public methodSaveToFile
Saves contents of OffsetBuffer to a file.
Public methodToMemoryStream
Creates a MemoryStream object from the contents of OffsetBuffer. If T is not of type byte, an intermediate buffer is created.
Public methodToString
Convert this instance into a string representation.
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
Public methodTryUnlock
Unlocks this object instance against the ILockableOperationProvider passed by Lock.
(Inherited from LockableOperationClient.)
Public methodUnlock
Unlocks this object instance against the ILockableOperationProvider passed by Lock. This method throws an exception in case the client object is not locked.
(Inherited from LockableOperationClient.)
Public methodUnpin
Unpins managed handle of Array.
Public fieldBufferPinned
The buffer pinned.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCopyOverloaded.
Creates a copy of the object.
(Defined by ObjectExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCopy(Object)Overloaded.
Creates a deep copy of the object using the supplied object as a target for the copy operation.
(Defined by ObjectExtensions.)
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