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PictureMediaBuffer Class
Represents a MediaBuffer that holds a raw picture frame and data about resolution and format.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: StreamCoders
Assembly: MediaBase (in MediaBase.dll) Version: (
public class PictureMediaBuffer : MediaBuffer<byte>

The PictureMediaBuffer type exposes the following members.

Public methodCheckPreconditions
Checks whether the resolution is set and the allocated buffer is big enough to hold the specified amount of pixels. These checks are made with preconditions, so if enabled will throw exceptions.
Public methodCopyMetaDataFrom(MediaBufferByte)
Copies the meta data from source to local instance. If the passed object is a up-cast PictureMediaBuffer, then CopyMetaDataFrom(PictureMediaBuffer) will be invoked.
(Overrides MediaBufferTCopyMetaDataFrom(MediaBufferT).)
Public methodCopyMetaDataFrom(PictureMediaBuffer)
Copies the meta data from source to local instance. The data includes all fields from MediaBuffer plus all fields from PictureMediaBuffer.
Public methodStatic memberCreateFromTemplate(PictureMediaBuffer)
Creates a PictureMediaBuffer given the meta-data from another buffer. The OffsetBuffer will not be copied, but will be allocated given resolution and format.
Public methodStatic memberCreateFromTemplate(Int32, Int32, PictureFormat)
Creates a PictureMediaBuffer given resolution and format. The OffsetBuffer will also be allocated.
Public methodDeepCopy
Creates a deep copy of MediaBuffer by cloning the OffsetBuffer and meta data. Exceptions are: ExtendedInfo and when a MediaBuffer is locked, then the lock state will remain unlocked (unacquired).
(Inherited from MediaBufferT.)
Public methodResetVariables
Resets StartTime, EndTime, Duration, Buffer.Offset to 0.
(Inherited from MediaBufferT.)
Public methodToString
Convert this instance into a string representation.
(Inherited from MediaBufferT.)
Public fieldBuffer
Holds elements relevant to MediaBuffer.
(Inherited from MediaBufferT.)
Public fieldEndTime
Media time (End). In most cases this represents the presentation time + duration.
(Inherited from MediaBufferT.)
Public fieldExtendedInfo
Is used to store additional/custom information within the buffer.
(Inherited from MediaBufferT.)
Public fieldFormat
Format of Picture
Public fieldIsDiscontinuity
Indicates that there was a discontinuity in the stream. This flag is passed to decoders.
(Inherited from MediaBufferT.)
Public fieldIsKeyFrame
true if this instance is key frame.
(Inherited from MediaBufferT.)
Public fieldPackageType
Describes the content of this buffer.
(Inherited from MediaBufferT.)
Public fieldStartTime
Media time (Start). In most cases this represents the presentation time.
(Inherited from MediaBufferT.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCopyOverloaded.
Creates a copy of the object.
(Defined by ObjectExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCopy(Object)Overloaded.
Creates a deep copy of the object using the supplied object as a target for the copy operation.
(Defined by ObjectExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCopyToAndUnlock
Copies a PictureMediaBuffer to a WriteableBitmap and unlocks the input buffer.
(Defined by PictureMediaBufferExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodRgb24ToBitmap
Converts a PictureMediaBuffer to an RGB 24-bit Bitmap (System.Drawing.Imaging.Bitmap)
(Defined by ImageTools.)
Public Extension MethodToWriteableBitmapOverloaded. (Defined by PictureMediaBufferExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodToWriteableBitmap(WriteableBitmap)Overloaded. (Defined by PictureMediaBufferExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodToWriteableBitmap(WriteableBitmap, Boolean)Overloaded. (Defined by PictureMediaBufferExtensions.)
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