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MediaBufferT Methods

The MediaBufferT generic type exposes the following members.

Public methodCopyMetaDataFrom
Copies meta data from a source MediaBuffer. This includes: StartTime, EndTime, IsKeyframe, PackageType, ExtendedInfo. Not included: OffsetBuffer.
Public methodDeepCopy
Creates a deep copy of MediaBuffer by cloning the OffsetBuffer and meta data. Exceptions are: ExtendedInfo and when a MediaBuffer is locked, then the lock state will remain unlocked (unacquired).
Public methodResetVariables
Resets StartTime, EndTime, Duration, Buffer.Offset to 0.
Public methodToString
Convert this instance into a string representation.
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCopyOverloaded.
Creates a copy of the object.
(Defined by ObjectExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCopy(Object)Overloaded.
Creates a deep copy of the object using the supplied object as a target for the copy operation.
(Defined by ObjectExtensions.)
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