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MediaSuite FAQ


  • Getting started
  • What is the performance of your decoder X at resolution Y and z FPS on [some CPU model]?


  • Does your RTSP stack support XY Cam or Media Server
  • How do I get the MPEG4.2 SDP decoder configuration?
  • I see memory leaking when using RTP.NET
  • I see no Marker bits when receiving speech packets
  • PlayoutBuffer provides wrong timestamps
  • We observed that there is difference between H264 and H263 encode and decode process



  • Can I still use your components after I choose not to renew my license?
  • Do I have to pay you royalties if I use a component you engineer within my application?
  • I have a build machine. Do I have to purchase a license to the software for a build machine?
  • Is your license on a per developer basis
  • What am I paying for when licensing MediaSuite.NET