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unmatched performance and flexibility
for all your Multimedia needs
SilverSuite is a continuing effort to bring standardized protocols and codecs to Microsoft
Silverlight. With SilverSuite 2 for Silverlight 5.0 you can now stream Flash Audio/Video,
stream RTSP Audio/Video, read & write MP4 files, encode H.263 video
for real-time communication for voice over IP straight out of your browser.
Streamcoders SilverSuite is the way to go if you need standardized protocols and codecs
to communicate over the internet.



MediaSuite 5

MediaSuite 5 is released.

  • GPU acceleration for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel
  • DASH Live Streaming
  • ONVIF support (all namespaces)
  • Plugin Framework
  • Face Detection
  • Live Streaming to Youtube, Twitch, Wowza
  • Chromecast API
  • H.265/HEVC
  • Accelerated Desktop Capture